Non-sexual | Erotic | Tension release

Session 6O Min – Rate: €150,-

Recommended: 90 Min – Rate: €200,-

Best experience: 120 Min – Rate: €250,-

Unlike your average erotic massage, this practice involves integrating advanced techniques to uncover men’s maximal erotic potential. Starting with Tantric ritualism, followed by front erotic bodywork and an unforgettable lingam/penis massage, together with your practitioner, you will uncover and enter a world of non-judgmental erotism and sensuality. Your practitioner will help you to unfold a world of self-discovery and self-love in its maximal expression. 

What can I expect from an Eros bodywork session?

You can expect Tantric ritualism, tantric breathing, and erotic bodywork altogether. This sensual journey will encourage the activation of the sexual meridians, stimulation of the sacred area, and different erotic spots like the head, nipples, and ears. This experience will be slowly built up, closing with an unforgettable lingam (penis) worship massage.


Clothing: Nude

Futon/Massage Table: Massage Table

Massage/Sensual Touch/De-armouring: Yes/Yes/No

Interaction level client: Medium

Sacred Sexuality Intercourse: No

(Erotic/Therapeutic): Yes/Yes

Ejaculation: Optional


‘Non-sexual | Tarot guidance | Energy boost | self-love |activation of sexual meridians | claim back your inner power, abundance, and erotism

Session: 60 Min – Rate: €200

Recommended: 90 Min – Rate: €250

Best Experience: 120 Min – Rate: €300

This ritual’s primary goal is to facilitate your learning in a safe, sacred, and joyful environment. Within this space, you will be able to explore your erotism, sensuality and enter into a deep connection with your physical body and life force energy.

The practice

Once you choose to learn the path of Tantra, you enter in deep connection with yourself and any living being within the physical. In this case, you will be moving your Prana (life force energy) with a tantrika (your facilitator). Your facilitator will help you discover that your physical and energetic bodies are both parts of one single and divine system. The practice is composed combination of different techniques and disciplines. Although there are Tantric guidelines to transcend, each practitioner tends to develop his methods and structure based on his experiences and intuition.

What can you expect from a Tantra massage session?

You can expect relaxation, tantric breathing, activation of sexual meridians, kundalini, lingam massage, butt massage, sensual conscious touch, energetic orgasmia.


Clothing: Nude

Futon /Massage-Table: Futon

Massage/Sensual Touch/De-armouring: Yes/Yes/Yes

Interaction level client: Medium

Sacred Sexuality Intercourse: No

(Erotic/Therapeutic): Yes/Yes

Ejaculation: | Advised Not to


Erotic | Therapeutic | Energetic/Multi-Orgasmia | Healing

Session: 60 min – Rate: €250

Recommended: 90 min – Rate: €300

Best Experience: 120 min – Rate: €350

M2M is happy to introduce the M2M Multi-Orgasmia program, inspired by the MOM Training given by A. Rudra from True Tantra. This powerful program will provide you the necessary tools and processes for discovering the many benefits of sensual touch, conscious sexuality, and energetic orgasmia. Learn different practical techniques to heal and enhance your sexual life and, therefore, your partner.

Why become multi-orgasmic?

  • Imagine that in 3 sessions, you can change the way you experience your sexual life. In the first session, you will feel the sensation of more than seven orgasms not related to ejaculation.
  • The experience that your sexual capabilities go from 5% to 60%
  • Enhance your sexual life and the one of your partner
  • Become more erotic and increase your sense of controlled libido
  • Be able to increase the time of our intercourse
  • Make a difference between ejaculation and orgasms
  • Experience the power of cultivating sexual energy
  • The power of controlling your sexual energy (primitive need to create more human beings to survive)
  • Gain control over the obligation to release to overcome the biopeptides linked to the biological addiction, the psycho-emotional release of tension.
  • Create awareness of the male body: erotically appreciation of the body and erotic spots
  • Avoid ejaculation is to avoid that we can overwork inner organs to generate lots of enzymes to ejaculate. If we re-program the brain and body instead of overworking internal organs, we will empower our organs, adding energy to our essential biology.
  • Scientifically there is proof that you can increase the capability of elongating life and re-produce new cells into the body.
  • Reduction of physical illness

When the orgasms are becoming more implosions without ejaculating, the energization of the hemispheres of the brain becomes higher. As a result, balanced communication generates inner peace and wisdom.

How would we do it?

For a long time, Tao & Tantra have had tools that allow men to discover Multi Orgasms, but it takes discipline, time, and effort to do it.

In the first session, I offer to experience and embrace the sexual capability of your body and your mind. I will show you how to prepare your body with different tools:

  • Meditation
  • Breathing; is the key to control bio-electricity and thoughts in yourself.
  • Getting to know and exercise your sex muscles through natural breath-work exercises. They are call bandhas and mudras in Yoga. In our times, part of these exercises is the Kegel practice and the PC pull-up practice. In Tantra, we called it Agni Sara!
  • Few Exercises that will allow you to connect body and bio-electricity and other energies in your body
  • Mastering your arousal; to be able to experience how your sexual arousal goes from a pure stimulation to over sexual awareness, it’s a way to in control of arousal in different levels.
  • Physical, erotic, sensual, and sexual appreciation of your body and the energies that this one creates concerning at least 11 different kinds of orgasmic states in a first session. 
  • After that, take you to two different techniques that first, we will take you to expand that energy-generating after all those orgasms. After that, you will have a deep meditation tool that will make you feel the no need to release while being able to FEEL, RELAX, and be EMPOWERED.

Note: This first session introduces men to the world of Tantra & Multiorgasmia. After this first section, clients can go for the full Multiorgasmia Treatment package if they desire it. It includes a complete therapy program of 3 sessions. 


Clothing: Nude

Massage/Sensual Touch/De-armouring: Yes/Yes/Yes

Interaction level client: Medium

Sacred Sexuality: Medium

(Erotic/Therapeutic/Healing): yes/yes/yes

Ejaculation: | No Release


‘Erotic | Explicit | Unlimited | Orgasmic | Shamanic healing & Sex Magic’

Session: 60 Min – Rate: €300

Recommended: 90 Min – Rate: €400

Best experience: 120 Min -Rate: €500

M2M is happy and proud to offer the M2M Tantra Sacred Sexuality Experience. Here M2M integrates Tantra, Multi-orgasmia, and Sacred Sexuality all together to access the transcendent, enter into the mystical, as a path of self-knowledge, and ultimately as a way to experience the Divine. It innately includes the experience of ecstatic states of expanded pleasure, access to cosmic awareness, and feelings of profound union, wholeness, sensuality, conscious sexuality, and love. 

As a result, participants will re-establish their sense of connection. With the self, the practitioner, and the environment. During the process, sexual and love energy will be generated and moved individually and in partnership. This process of mastering living energy and reprogramming it will show up in the ways of self-love, confidence, vitality, sensuality, creativity, inner power, balance, wealth, and overall health.

What can I expect from a Sacred Sexuality session?

You can expect tantric ritualism, meditation, breathing, erotic bodywork, de-armoring, and multi-orgasmia altogether. This sensual, revealing, and liberating experience will encourage the activation of the sexual meridians, stimulation of the sacred area, and the awakening of kundalini. It will finally facilitate the processes of generating, moving, and transmuting sexual energy.


Clothing: Nude

Massage/Sensual Touch/De-armouring: Yes/Yes/Yes

Interaction level client: High

Sacred Sex Intercourse: Yes

(Erotic/Therapeutic/Healing): Yes/Yes/Yes

Ejaculation: | Optional

In the name of M2M, I welcome you and very much look forward to being sharing with you in love, erotism, and conscious sexuality.

Love, L

For bookings & requests, please contact Luis by phone or e-mail.

E-mail: m2mtantra@gmail.com
Phone/WhatsApp: +31681329333

Thank you in advance.


byHans onM2M TANTRA
Unique ervaring!

Van een hartverwarmende start tot een extreem intense erotische ervaring met een dubbel orgasme wat ongekend , soms haast ondraaglijk, maar tegelijk zo onbeschrijfelijk spannend, intens en overheerlijk . Een gelukkig makende ervaring .

Dank Dank Dank

Luis super bedankt voor de bijzondere, inspirerende, spirituele en fijne sessies. Je hebt mijn verwachtingen op alle vlakken gigantisch overtroffen.

Ik heb gekozen voor de drie sessies en wist vanaf de eerste minuut dat ik er geen spijt van zou krijgen. Luis zijn werkwijze, uitleg en aanrakingen laten je heerlijk genieten en je lichaam en geest
samensmelten . Ik leerde intens te genieten en wat nog belangrijker voor mij was dit te laten gebeuren zonder me schuldig te voelen. Je aandacht, aanrakingen en massages hebben me dikwijls diep geroerd. Op het spirituele vlak heb ik nog een weg te gaan maar jij hebt me geholpen de poorten te openen om deze weg met vertrouwen te bewandelen.
Nogmaals heel veel dank lieve Luis.

byErwin Roosenstein onM2M TANTRA
Om nooit te vergeten

Een sensatie om nooit te vergeten, zeker voor herhaling vatbaar.

(Translated by Google)

A sensation to never forget, definitely worth repeating.

Dank Erwin voor je reactie en je vertrouw. Ik ben blij dat je onze session op een mooie manier hebt ervaren. Altijd welkom.Warming hug!Love & Light, Luis

byP. B. onM2M TANTRA
He showed me how to experience love...

Hi, guys, I was alway’s interested in tantra, so I found Luis, a Great Guy! He gave me the best massage ever! I enjoyed his warm hands and energy. He showed me how to experience love, how to breathe and, to have eye contact! The feeling is amazing! I thank Luis for that, because now I know this is how love supposes to be for me! And I like to see him again!!!

Thanks a lot, Paul, for your beautiful words. I am very happy to hear that you had a loving and healing experience.It is amazing when you start discovering the power of your own sexual energy.You are always very welcome and looking forward to seeing you soon again.Warming hug!Love & Light, Luis

byJeff onM2M TANTRA
Highly recommended...

Overall a great experience and I highly recommend visiting Luis if you're lucky enough to be in the city. Leaving with a big smile!