'uncover blocking energies & spiritual guidance'

Throughout my experiences working with the different oracle and tarot decks, I had have the opportunity to sense different sources and kinds of energy. Some of them being more kind and sutil facilitating healing work for example, and some others being more strength and direct giving us the information and instructions we might need at the moment in order to step out denial and keep working on our personal growth.

The true black tarot, Rider Waite Tarot, The art of Love Tarot, Gay Tarot, Naipe Español and several shamanic oracle decks, are on the list of my divination and healing tools. All of them with some unique, incredible & powerful energy.

I am looking forward and very happy to be your facilitator during this beautiful journey. I happily invite you to learn the lessons from your past, Incorporate them into your present and start working on a much more bounty future based in love, light and awareness.

Blessings, Luis


'erotic | tension release'

Unlike your average erotic massage, this practice involves integrating advanced techniques to uncover men's maximal erotic potential. Next to the erotic bodywork, together with your practitioner, you will enter a world of nonjudgmental erotism and sensuality. Your practitioner will help you to unfold a world of self-discovery and self-love in its maximal expression. 

What can I expect from an Eros bodywork session?

You can expect relaxation, tantric breathing, encouragement, activation of sexual meridians, external stimulation of the sacred area, head, nipples, and lingam (penis) massage. 


Clothing: Nude

Futon/Massage Table: Massage Table

Massage/Sensual Touch/De-armouring: Yes/Yes/No

Interaction level client: Medium

Sacred Sexuality: No

(Erotic/Therapeutic): Yes/No

Ejaculation: Optional


'Energy boost, self-love, activation of sexual meridians, claim back your inner power, health, and abundance.'

This ritual's primary goal is to facilitate your learning in a safe, sacred, and joyful environment. Within this space, you will be able to explore your erotism, sensuality and enter into a deep connection with your physical body and life force energy.

The practice

Once you choose to learn the path of Tantra, you enter in deep connection with yourself and any living being within the physical. In this case, you will be moving your Prana (life force energy) with a tantrika (your facilitator). Your facilitator will help you discover that your physical and energetic bodies are both parts of one single and divine system. The practice is composed combination of different techniques and disciplines. Although there are Tantric guidelines to transcend, each practitioner tends to develop his methods and structure based on his experiences and intuition.

What can you expect from a Tantra massage session?

You can expect relaxation, tantric breathing, activation of sexual meridians, kundalini, lingam massage, butt massage, sensual conscious touch, energetic orgasmia.


Clothing: Nude

Futon /Massage-Table: Futon

Massage/Sensual Touch/De-armouring: Yes/Yes/No

Interaction level client: Medium

Sacred Sexuality: No

(Erotic/Therapeutic): Yes/No

Ejaculation: | Advised Not to


'Cultivation of sexual energy and opening sexual blockages. Including nipple orgasm, anal orgasm, lingam orgasm, energetic full body orgasm, and more.'

M2M is happy to show you how to become a Multi-Orgasmic Men. Discover the many benefits of sensual touch and conscious sexuality. Learn different practical techniques to heal and enhance your sexual life and, therefore, your partner.

Why become multi-orgasmic?

  • Imagine that in 3 sessions, you can change the way you experience your sexual life. In the first session, you will feel the sensation of more than seven orgasms not related to ejaculation.
  • The experience that your sexual capabilities go from 5% to 60%
  • Enhance your sexual life and the one of your partner
  • Become more erotic and increase your sense of controlled libido
  • Be able to increase the time of our intercourse.
  • Make a difference between ejaculation and orgasms.
  • Experience the power of cultivating sexual energy
  • The power of controlling your sexual energy (primitive need to create more human beings to survive)
  • Gain control over the obligation to release to overcome the biopeptides linked to the biological addiction, the psycho-emotional release of tension.
  • Create awareness of the male body: erotically appreciation of the body and erotic spots
  • Avoid ejaculation is to avoid that can overwork inner organs to generate lots of enzymes to ejaculate. If we re-program the brain and body instead of overworking internal organs, we will empower our organs, adding energy to our essential biology.
  • Scientifically there is proof that you can increase the capability of elongating life and re-produce new cells into the body.
  • Reduction of physical illness

When the orgasms are becoming more implosions without ejaculating, the energization of the hemispheres of the brain becomes higher. As a result, balanced communication generates inner peace and wisdom.

Note: This first session introduces men to the world of Tantra & Multiorgasmia. After this first section, clients can go for the complete Multiorgasmia Treatment package if they desire it. It includes a full therapy program of 3 sessions. 


Clothing: Nude

Futon/Massage-table: Futon

Massage/Sensual Touch/De-armouring: Yes/Yes/Yes

Interaction level client: Medium

Sacred Sexuality: Medium

(Erotic/Therapeutic/Healing): yes/yes/yes

Ejaculation: | No ejaculation



M2M is happy and proud to offer the Tantra Sacred Sexuality experience program. Here we integrate Tantra, Multiorgasmia, and sacred sexuality all together to access the transcendent, enter into the mystical, as a path of self-knowledge, and ultimately as a way to experience the Divine. It innately includes the experience of ecstatic states of expanded pleasure, access to cosmic awareness, and feelings of profound union wholeness and love. 


Clothing: Nude

Massage/Sensual Touch/De-armouring: Yes/Yes/yes

Interaction level client: High

Sacred Sexuality: Yes-High

(Erotic/Therapeutic/Healing): yes/yes/yes

Ejaculation: | Optional

In the name of M2M, I welcome you and very much look forward to being sharing with you in love, erotism, and conscious sexuality.

Love, L


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