Session: 120min

‘Non-sexual | Energy reading | Energy boost | Self-love | Activation of sexual meridians | Claim back your inner power, health and abundance‘

This ritual’s primary goal is to facilitate your learning in a safe, sacred, and joyful environment. Within this space, you will be able to explore your erotism, sensuality and enter into a deep connection with your physical body and life force energy.

The practice

Once you choose to learn the path of Neo-Tantra, you enter in deep connection with yourself and any living being within the physical. In this case, you will be moving your Prana (life force energy) with a tantrika (your facilitator). Your facilitator will help you discover that your physical and energetic bodies are both parts of one single and divine system. The practice is composed combination of different techniques and disciplines. Although there are Neo-Tantric guidelines to transcend, each practitioner tends to develop his methods and structure based on his experiences and intuition.

What can you expect from a Neo-Tantra session?

  • Short Intro
  • Clearing & Activation
  • Energy reading + guidance
  • Meditation
  • Conscious breathing
  • Restoration of energy flow
  • Chakra balancing & alignment
  • Eros ritualism
  • Interconnection of heart and sexual energy
  • Sensual touch
  • Lingam/Penis Massage
  • Butt/Prostate Massage (optional)
  • Energetic Orgasmia


Age: 21+

Clothing: Nude

Futon /Massage-Table: Futon

Massage/Ritualism/Sensual Touch/De-armouring: No/Yes/Yes/No

Interaction level client: Medium

Sacred Sexuality Intercourse: No

(Erotic/Therapeutic): Yes/Yes

Ejaculation: Advised Not to

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