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This part of the Ecs-Tantric Men Program, The Ecs-Tantric Dance Outdoors Experience, lasts about 3 hours and will officially start on July 18.

You can expect to integrate different components like ecstatic dance, guided meditation, breath-work, ritualism, energy cleansing, body awareness, and lots of fun and playfulness to crack your heart open and ignite your sacred power.

This combination of safe practices will accelerate the processes of releasing and freeing yourself from any judgment, shame, confusion, doubt, manipulation, or projection of others about you. It will also provide the space for relaxation, deep connection, exploration, nudity, intimacy, self-expression, stimulation of the immune system, and the awakening of your true self.

Shamanism, meditative movement, and sound healing will play an essential role in this journey too. It will encourage you to synchronize with your heart’s vibrations, connect with your inner self and claim your birthright as a sacred and divine warrior.

Finally, it will allow you to access different realms to reach higher altered states of consciousness, disconnect from the rushing physical world we all live in, and give yourself a more conscious & regenerated state of being.

Welcome to M2M Ecs-Tantric Dance Amsterdam!

M2M is pleased to welcome all daring sacred rebels willing to make a change in their lives. All men who are ready to find peace, ease, and sharing with other like-minded men in movement, nudity, and intimacy. Also, to empower each other from an open, loving, compassionate, and respectful approach.

Clothing: Saron | Jock-Strap | Nude or whatever makes you feel sexy, sensual, erotic, comfortable, wild, and free!
Disciplines Included: Ecstatic Dance | Meditative Movement | Tantra | Pranayama breathing | Ritualism | Tantric-Shamanic Journey |
Erotic/Therapeutic/Healing: Yes | Yes | Yes
Sexual interaction: None

Nude Park Nieuwe Meer – Amsterdam
Nude Beach – Castricum aan Zee
The exact location will be given a few days before the start of each event.

>> Augustus 7 | 13:00 – 18:00 | Pride edition – Latin vibes

Preparation: Please bring enough water, a yoga mat, a small blanket, and a saron.

Nudity will take place in some part of the journey. It is not obligatory, though. You must feel safe and comfortable during the trip. Follow your tempo; remember it is all about having fun, experiencing joy, sensuality, and waking up the sacred wild within you.

Important note: No alcohol or drugs are allowed for this event, except for Cacao & Cannabis as a sacred and consecrated medicine plant. If the case, consecration, and intentions will occur before the events start in a tribe ritual/ceremony.

Thank you in advance for your trust and support, and I look forward to seeing you and dancing with you all!

Love and fire,

Luis M.


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