Advised session: 120min


The ECS-Tantric Men Xperience is an initiative of M2M. 

During this journey, you can expect to integrate different components like Tarot, guided meditation, tantra yoga, breath-work, ritualism, energy cleansing and activation, body awareness, sacred sexuality, and sexual shamanism all together to crack your heart open and ignite your sacred power. This combination of safe practices will also accelerate the processes of deep connection, exploration, nudity, intimacy, self-expression and the activation of your true self.

Shamanism and sound healing will play an essential role in this journey too. It will stimulate you to synchronize with your heart’s vibrations, connect with your inner self and claim your birthright as a sacred and divine earth warrior.

Finally, it will provide you with ancestral knowledge from different realms for your growth and the one of humanity. It will help you reach higher altered states of consciousness, disconnect from the rushing physical world we all live in, and give yourself a more conscious & regenerated state of being.

What can I expect from an Ecs-Tantric Session?

  • Energy Reading
  • Energy clearing & Chakra alignment
  • Meditation and visualisation
  • Conscious breathing
  • Tantra-yoga
  • Tantric Shamanic ritualism 
  • Sensual & Conscious touch
  • Sexual Magic – Orgasmic Manifestation

Clothing: Saron/Nude
Futon/Massage Table: Futon / Yoga Mat
Disciplines Included: Tarot/Mediation/Pranayamic breathing/Tantric Ritualism /Meditative Movement/Sacred Sexuality/Sexual Shamanism & Sex Magic Manifestation
Interaction of practitioners: High
(Erotic/Therapeutic): Yes/Yes
Sacred Sex Intercourse: Optional
Ejaculation: Yes for Orgasmic Manifestation

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