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Welcome to the Tantra + Sacred sexuality experience!

M2M has designed this program as an easy way to living an intuitive life and recognizing the world of energy, wild and free sexuality, and sacred fun as the path to self-love, brotherhood, and enlightenment.

It is A fantastic program meant for any man, all ages, gender, and background who wants to experience relaxation, uplifting, erotism, sacred sexuality, and sacred fun altogether. Ultimately, it will be a gateway for experiencing profound transformation and healing.

This program is composed of three main sessions, and it will be gradually built up. With every session, the intensity of interaction, body contact, and sacred sexuality will increase. Participants will choose to take part in each session individually or go for the whole experience of 3.5 hours at once.

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This part of the Ecs-Tantric Men Program, The Ecs-Tantric Dance Outdoors Experience, lasts about 3 hours and will officially start on July 18.

You can expect to integrate different components like ecstatic dance, guided meditation, breath-work, ritualism, energy cleansing, body awareness, and lots of fun and playfulness to crack your heart open and ignite your sacred power.

This combination of safe practices will accelerate the processes of releasing and freeing yourself from any judgment, shame, confusion, doubt, manipulation, or projection of others about you. It will also provide the space for relaxation, deep connection, exploration, nudity, intimacy, self-expression, stimulation of the immune system, and the awakening of your true self.