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ECS-TANTRIC MEN SUMMER RETREAT: M2M Tantra + Sacred Sexuality. “The Initiation”

Gran Canaria Island – Maspalomas | Dates: 16 -20 June 2022

Duration: 4 nights – 5 days | Rate Single: €1500 – Rate Duo: €2400 (20% off)

M2M is happy and excited to release The M2M Tantra + Sacred Sexuality Initiation Retreat.

During this magical and revealing retreat, we will cover different topics within the fields of sexuality, spirituality, and magic, which will serve you as an initiation within the path of tantra, sacred sexuality, and shamanism.

As Tantrika, you will work with divine healing and balance the divine masculine and feminine within, the two universal sacred polarities belonging to the human experience. You will work on your self-development and therefore also be in a position to help others later on.

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Gran Canaria – Maspalomas | Dates: 14 – 17 April

Duration: 3 nights – 4 days | Rate Single: €1200 – Rate Duo: €1920 (20% off)

M2M is happy and excited to release the new 2022 Masterclass/Retreat Empath – Curse or Gift.’

This masterclass is a complementary module of the entire Ecs-Tantric Men Practitioner Program. It is a complete empirical class based on Louis’ mystical/energy work and personal life experiences by living as an HSP, Hyper Empath, and Shaman along his journey.

This program contains a handy compilation of facts, tips, and techniques that will help you deal with your HSP and Empathic condition effectively and enjoyably. During the retreat, you will also learn to recognize signs and patterns related to your self-development and life path, deal with toxic relationships, toxic environments, and protect yourself and your energy field from possible energetic or narcissistic attacks.