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Gran Canaria Island – Maspalomas | Dates: 21 – 24 July 2022 

Duration: 3 nights/4 days – Full weekend | Rate Single: €770 | Included 3 Meals a day + drinks + snacks + tones of love and care.

After several years of practice, exploration, and integration of different disciplines, including Tantra, Tarot, Multiorgasmia, Sacred Sexuality, and Sexual Shamanism, M2M is happy and excited to release the unique Men2Men Summer Retreat.

It is a mind, body, and soul journey, where fun, exploration, and playfulness will be the key ingredients. This Tantric-Shamanic experience will also serve as a channel for self-healing, reconnecting with your heart’s purpose, and getting initiated within the path of unconditional love and healing pleasure.

The main disciplines we will be covering during the group activities are tarot, meditation, breath-work, energy work, channeling, ecstatic meditative movement, ritualism, tantra, multiorgasmia, and sacred sexuality.

Some of the gifts offered:

  1. Clearing and balance of mind, body, and soul
  2. Increasing body awareness
  3. Get in touch and become whole with nature and other natural beings
  4. Embracing love, sensuality, creativity, and playfulness
  5. Reaching higher vibrational frequencies
  6. Neuro Rewiring
  7. Stabilizing your immune, nervous and cardiovascular systems 
  8. Emotional release
  9. Living by intuition, faith, and trust.

Louis, your facilitator at M2M, welcomes you to this unique and revealing experience of healing, sacred fun, liberation, growth, and expansion. It is A tantric-shamanic journey that will blow all your senses and change your life forever!


Practical Information:

Age: 21+ / No previous experience is required.

Dates: 21-24 July 2022

Location: Maspalomas – Gran Canaria

Time schedules & Program: Working with energy. M2M will share the details privately a week before the event. 

X-Tantric Dance Closing Ceremony:

Dates: Sunday 24 July 2022

Time: 10:00 – 13:00 

Location: Working with energy. M2M will share the details privately a week before the event. 


  • The given rates are for the Gran Canaria retreat. It includes three (3) nights/ four (4) days of stay, training + initiation/closing ceremony, drinks, snacks, and three vegetarian meals daily.
  • It does not include transport from and to the venue. M2M is happy to arrange your transportation for an additional fee of €50 both ways.
  • Only seven (7) spots are available. Do not forget to book on time, and do not miss this unique opportunity.
  • M2M kindly asks for a reservation fee of (70%) at the moment of your booking.

Welcome, and thank you very much for participating in this collaborative dream.

I look forward to sharing with you all in love and playfulness this coming summer!

Love, Louis



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Welcome to the Tantra + Sacred sexuality experience!

M2M has designed this program as an easy way to living an intuitive life and recognizing the world of energy, wild and free sexuality, and sacred fun as the path to self-love, brotherhood, and enlightenment.

It is A fantastic program meant for any man, all ages, gender, and background who wants to experience relaxation, uplifting, erotism, sacred sexuality, and sacred fun altogether. Ultimately, it will be a gateway for experiencing profound transformation and healing.

This program is composed of three main sessions, and it will be gradually built up. With every session, the intensity of interaction, body contact, and sacred sexuality will increase. Participants will choose to take part in each session individually or go for the whole experience of 3 hours at once.

Bodywork, Lingam, M2MTantra, Massage, Sacred Sexuality, Tantra, Tantra Ritual


Kundalini is a Sanskrit term from ancient India that identifies the arising of an energy and consciousness which has been coiled at the base of the spine since birth, and is the source of the life force (pranic energy, chi , bio-energy) that everybody knows.  Yogic science suggests that this energy triggered the formation of the child in the womb, and then coils 3 ½ times at the base of the spine to hold the energy field in stasis until we die, when it uncoils and returns to its source.

Bodywork, De-armouring, M2MTantra, Tantra


The Sanskrit word chakra means “plexus,” “wheel,” or “vortex.” It refers to a number of centers in the subtle anatomy of the human being, with each center corresponding to a different level of consciousness. Chakras are known by various names, including pranic centers, psychic centers, psycho-energetic centers, and cerebrospinal centers. The yogic tradition mentions different chakra systems, out of which the six-chakra system is the most popular.

Lingam, M2MTantra, Tantra


The masculine counterpart of the yoni is the lingam (phallus). Lingam and yoni are often represented together, symbolizing the eternal process of creation and regeneration as well as the indivisibility of masculine and feminine, Shiva and Shakti, Consciousness and action, immanence and transcendence. In Tantra Yoga and Hatha Yoga, yoni sthana (the perineal place) represents the pericarp of muladhara chakra, the womb in which kundalini shakti slumbers, entwined around a inward-facing lingam of light.

Bodywork, De-armouring, Lingam, M2MTantra, Massage, ProstateMassage, Sacred Sexuality, Tantra, Tantra Ritual


‘Connecting with your divine self”

The main goal of this ritual is to facilitate your learning in a safe, sacred, and joyful environment. Within this space, you will be able to explore your erotism and sensuality. You will also connect and enter in relation to your physical body and sacred energy. You will be able to receive and experience the many gifts that Tantra has to offer to you.

The practice

You are on the path of learning Tantra, moving your Prana with a tantrika (your facilitator), discovering that your physical and energetic bodies are both parts of one single and divine system. The practice is based on a combination of different techniques and/or disciplines. Even though there are Tantric guidelines for transcending and transforming, with the practice, each practitioner tends to develop his own structure based on his experiences and intuition.

What can you expect from a Tantra massage or healing session?

Relaxation, tantric breathing, activation of sexual meridians, kundalini, lingam massage, prostatic massage, energetic orgasmia and, healing.

Your practitioner

Your practitioner is trained under True Tantra protocols and, will guide you through this beautiful experience. The same methodology as part of the Tantra Kahula Initiation traditions is applied during this process. I happily welcome you, and I look forward to offering you the best possible experience regarding Tantra healing, Shamanism and, energetic multi-orgasmia for men. #Namaskar

Warm hug, Luis M. Tantra & MOM Practitioner

Check my full sessions overview: M2M Sessions

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