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ECS-TANTRIC MEN XPERIENCE SPRING RETREAT : M2M Tantra + Sacred Sexuality, “The Initiation”.

Gran Canaria Island – Maspalomas | Dates: 11 -17 April 2022

Duration: 6 nights – 7 days | Rate Single: €1500 – Rate Duo: €2400 (20% off)

M2M is happy and excited to release The M2M Tantra + Sacred Sexuality Initiation Retreat.

During this magical and revealing retreat, we will cover different topics within the fields of sexuality, spirituality, and magic, which will serve you as an initiation within the path of tantra, sacred sexuality, and shamanism.

As Tantrika, you will work with divine healing and balance the divine masculine and feminine within, the two universal sacred polarities belonging to the human experience. You will work on your self-development and therefore also be in a position to help others later on.

You will also work on the connection and unification of mind, body, and soul. This beautiful process will allow your body to become a living grail of love, light, and divine expression. Ultimately it will serve you as a gateway to living a much more fulfilled life embracing your most precious inner nature. To dear living wild and free! 

Polarities will play an essential role during this training/retreat too. The art of giving and taking, resting and acting, playing and being in solitude, directing and flowing, intending and creating, will be firmly addressed.

It will be a handful of guidance on integrating these two energy forces instead of competing, causing discomfort and unbalance within the human living experience. 

On a physical level, it will help men and couples improve their relationship with the self and others, relate wisely with their bodies, and work on possible traumas or blockages acquired along their life journey.

Some of the benefits of this training and retreat are:

  1. Clearing and balance of mind, body, and soul
  2. Increasing body awareness
  3. Get in touch and become whole with nature and other natural beings
  4. Embracing sensuality and playfulness
  5. Increase of libido
  6. Reaching higher vibrational frequencies
  7. Neuro Rewiring
  8. Stabilizing your immune, nervous and cardiovascular systems 
  9. Conscious and subconscious emotional release
  10. Living by intuition, hope, and trust
  11. Get initiated within the arts of Tantra, Sacred Sexuality, and Shamanism.

The main topics and practices that we will be covering are:

  1. The art of meditation
  2. The Power of breathing
  3. The sound of chants and prayers
  4. Tantric and shamanic rituals of the soul 
  5. Ecs-Tantric dance, and the dance of Eros
  6. iMagician – Generating, moving, and mastering living energy
  7. Tantra Massage: The tenderness of conscious and sensual touch
  8. The art of Body to Body Massage
  9. Shamanic death-rebirth experiences and reaching altered states of consciousness
  10. Circle of Men – The art of trust and space holding
  11. The Do’s and Don’ts of Tantra and Sacred Sex practices
  12. Tips and techniques on how to bring your Tantric practices to the next level.

This unforgettable experience will ultimately serve you as your initiation within the Tantric and Shamanic path, where you can further develop yourself as a healer or Trantika / Tantra practitioner. You may also complement your training with the different masterclasses and retreats offered by M2M, like Empath, Spiritual Design +, and Sacred Sexuality taking place in 2022.

M2M welcomes you to a unique and revealing experience of spirituality, sex, magic, healing, growth, and expansion.



M2M is happy to welcome all men between the ages of 21- 60, and no previous experience is required.

Young males between the ages of 21- 27 can claim an extra discount of 20% for the whole retreat program.


Gran Canaria-Maspalomas Retreat: 

Dates: 11-17 April 2022

Program & time schedules: To be announced.

Location: M2M will share the address of the venue in private before the event takes place.

Ecs-tantric Dance Closing Ceremony:

Dates: Sunday – 17 April 2022

Time: 10:00 – 14:00 

Location: Maspalomas. M2M will share the address of the venue in private before the event takes place. 


  • The given rates are for the Gran Canaria retreat. It includes six (6) nights/seven (7) days of stay, training + initiation/closing ceremony, drinks, snacks, and three vegetarian/vegan meals each day.
  • It does not include transport from and to the venue. M2M is happy to arrange your transportation for an additional fee of €50 both ways. 
  • Spots are limited. You can now reserve by making an upfront payment of (40%) at the moment of your booking. By booking on time, you will ensure your place at this unique and revealing experience.

Thank You, and welcome to M2M.


Tel: +31681329333

Email: m2mtantra@gmail.com


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