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M2M Is happy to give start and share the nude meditation & circle of men evenings program. It is available to all men, all ages, gender, background, and taste who are willing to experience calm, relaxation, uplifting, energy clearing, unconditional love, and profound transformation from an energetic and cellular level.

Overall scenario:
The world is currently going through a remarkable transition era from the age of matter to ether (energy). It is a time of new structures, transition, and change. The cultural, political, social, economic, educational, and belief models are drastically changing. These changes give room for renewal, development, and unity. Although these changes can be very positive for humanity, as part of understanding and adjusting ourselves in this natural process of evolution, unpleasant feelings and emotions might come up quickly and leave us confused and sometimes even totally depleted. This transition significantly impacts the planet’s and nature’s energy field, including the one of humanity. It creates an imbalance in the chakra or energy system, which directly influences the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of the human experience.

The issue:
A stressful lifestyle and blockages involving fear, guilt, and shame make men make hasty decisions. In these cases, the processes of detachment, acceptance, and healing become a challenge. Anger and lack of trust are examples of the unpleasant feelings that might come up to the surface as a reaction to this scenario. Men can also quickly develop auto-destructive or addictive behaviours involving violence towards self and others, and using external substances can play a remarkable role too. In addition, men will start interacting in their overall relationships out of distrust and control instead of unconditional love.

Circle of Men:
The circle of men is a private and safe container where men can express themselves without fear of being judged or rejected in any form. After a tantric ritual, all men will be naked with the self and others, building up a circle of love, trust, and acceptance. This section will offer men the opportunity to bring into the light any topic, concern, or fantasy they want to share in brotherhood.

The role of meditation:
Meditation is a powerful tool that allows men to calm, access, and manage the mind and get in touch with their senses, inner self, and natural breathing flows. Some main benefits of this process are bringing balance to the nervous and cardiovascular systems and giving a significant boost to the immune system too. It will finally allow men to restore and balance, accessing the gifts of clear vision, creativity, and manifesting processes. On a regular practice, the awakening and activation of Kundalini or life force energy will naturally occur.

M2M is pleased to welcome all daring sacred rebels willing to make a change in their lives. Men who are eager to find peace, ease, erotism, and sharing with other like-minded men in nudity and intimacy. Also, to empower each other from an open, loving, compassionate, and respectful approach.

Thank you in advance for your trust and support, and I look forward to seeing you all during the workshops.

Agenda: Please contact M2M

To bring:
Big towel, saron & bottle of water.

Friday’s from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. | July 16, 23 & Augustus 20

M2M Tantra in Amsterdam-West

TICKETS: €30 | includes water, thee, fruit, and snacks.

WhatsApp: +31681329333

Love, L

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